Friday, April 29, 2005

It's a good spot

"My dad was convinced there was a Japanese sniper on the roof next door." thatdoesn't actualy have anything to do with this blog, I'm just watching the Office at the moment, and not the shitty American rip off, any who what I was really writing about is the approaching graduation of some of my friends, this really is just getting back to the fact that I still in fact have no real plan in life. I certainly don't want to whine about it but nonetheless I am still a bit worried, as it seems like I could find some sort of direction by now. Any who what this is really getting to is that I finally feel that I am desperate enough that I have actually applied to go to China and teach ESL. I know it's hackeyened but I'm afraid it's come to this.

See you soon,

-The Scott

Tom Cruise

So that's Tom Cruise's effect on life.

You figure it out!



So I finally slept with a girl. This should be good news, but unfortunantly she was of a differnt species, and fortunantly "sleeping" didn't involve sex. No I slept with my dad's puppy Mona, who not long after agreeably cuddling with a very drunk Scott decided to shit all over the floor. in fact Mona has been doing quite a lot of shitting, and between her and Tim's Beija it seems lik I've spent the past two weeks cleaning up poop. Any who Mike's neighbor left the fucking alarm on on the dryer and it's four in the morning, this of course dosen't bother me, but you know the principal.



Thursday, April 07, 2005


So I was fired today. that is crap, first off because this was the worst place anyone could possibly work. I don't mind being fired, I in fact rather like it, because those fucker's shouldn't live. Well now you say, why exactly did they fire you? Well apparently I took my drug test, but not at exactly the right time. So any way, those bastard's don't have a conseption of privacy, and more importantly I was never told that I had an appointment, rather that I should do it sometime soon. So any who this is clearly not, even remotly, a well run organization, but more importantly it shows why I shouldn't try to degrade myself by working for an American, fuck them all.

Yeah I'm pissed on multiple levels, fuck it!


Sunday, April 03, 2005


So I should not smoke. Whilst you read this I'm sure you're thinking, but Scott you love cigars, true. Yet, what I'm referring to is the other kind of smoking, and I did that last night, from a gigantic blunt. Just so everyone knows this is the second time EVER that I have smoked. And it totally destroyed me, I passed out at eleven, Mike tried to carry me to the tent, but as I am much larger than him he was forced to drop me, apparently out of the side door, so as far as I know I fell from a step two or three feet above ground flat on my face without noticing. Also, this morning, my pants and shirt were on top of my tent (?). This isn't a very good blog, but just so you know, don't offer me weed.

'till later,

P.S. I got a job!