Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I spent the afternoon walking around Knoxville with Mike taking pictures, something I have indirectly wanted to do for a while. First off I do not own a camera, or rather I own two that are in boxes in a basement a thousand miles away. More importantly neither of them is digital. This last constraint is a big one, because I don't actually have a desire to take pictures, just to have them, and given my rather bohemian existance and with the great distances that seperate myself from most of the people I love printed images are pretty useless any way. I suppose what this really comes down to is that recently I've realized I'll never have everyone I want to share an experince, or more accuratly my life, with around at once. This is, I think, a good thing. I don't necissarily want, for example, my mom with me while I'm hitting on a young woman at a party, or getting drunk with my friends. Yet, it is also a huge problem in that I interact with all of my friends, both individuals, and groups of friends totally differently. This is why I'm always a little uncomfotable in church when they talk about wearing two faces, "two," I think "I've worn four today alone." the fact that I always express myself differntly dosen't bother me, but the fact that I have to try to explain these differences to my various friends does. Each of my friends knows me based on what they've seen of me and what we've done together, not from an autobiographical bio they've read. Because of this I sometimes wish I had a camera filming myself constantly; if nothing else maybe I'd begin to understand who I am. I unfortunantly can't do that, at least not without letting Fox edit it (and I think we can all agree nobody no matter how well adjusted is likely to emerge from that with fewer that a dozen major psychoses) however I think this stupid ranting online to myself might go somewhere in the right direction. If nothing else I know a whole lot more pictures will help.

Next time I see you we'll take pictures.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

burger nights

So as all of the people who would ever read this page already know the Cumberland Grill has a special on their "gourmet" burgers on wednsday nights, which many of us usualy partake of. And as most of you would also know this week is the University of Tennessee's spring break. That means most of the people who'd be burger night regulars are gone. However I am proud to say that in spite of spring break we still managed an eight person party (this is around our normal number). Now I know this dosen't seem worth writing about, but as something else out of the ordinary happened that very night and I feel it worthy or mention. That something else was that for the first time (to my knowledge) Kenny joined us for the traditional "getting smashed at Mike's" after party. So Kenny was there you say what's so great about that? Well, I'll tell you, first off Kenny brought Negro Modelo (by far the best beer I've EVER seen him drink) and second he played the cello. That's right not only did we totally defy the pressures of spring break, but we also made Kenny not merely presentable, but perhaps even cultured. Here's to you Kenny, drink up!

"Short and sweet, that's very Japanese I like that"


P.S. The quote isn't from Scott (please don't sue me Sofia)
P.P.S The quote "getting smashed at Mike's" is mine

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spring Wonderland

Happy Spring! Everyone, such is the standard greeting at my aunt and uncle's annual spring party. I just got back from a weekend of driving through North Carolina, to amongst other things attend the aforementioned party and it was quite a weekend. First off let me tell you what we did. On friday John, the other Scott, Mike and I set out from Knoxville to go drop camping in the Smokies. This was less because we really wanted to go camping, than we didn't want to have to get up early to make it to Charlotte in time for the spring party. But it turns out camping was a good idea regardless because it meant that our friend John, who along with his wife Andrea are expecting the arrival of their first born (a son) in early July, could come with us. Unfortunantly John couldn't join us of the remainder of our trip, but we had a great boys night out nonetheless. From our campsite we moved on to Charlotte and my aunt and uncle's house where we met our friend Tim who'd come down from Raliegh to join us, and with whom once the part was do we'd drive back up to Raliegh.


So now you know the general layout, well then let's start with the camping trip. As you might have guessed our drop camping was hardly as display of great outdoorsmanship or back country know-how; instead it was four guys split between a minivan and a sedan with a propane grill and a cooler full of food and beer. Now you might think that with two cars parking in a drive in campsite we would have brought all the comforts of home, but since I organized the trip we were still thorougly unprepared. To start out with I forgot my coat and gloves, then we realized I'd forgotten a ground cloth, and finally it came out that while I had expected at least one of the other guys to bring a tent, they were all planning on sleeping in my twenty-five year old REI. Also, we got there about dusk so we didn't have any (natural) light to gather fire wood by. Fortunatly none of this made much difference, I had it turns out I brought enough layers that I didn't need a coat, John had a ground cloth in his trunk, and we found both a guy to buy firewood from, and even more wood by flashlight. And finally my tent would have been big, enough albeit cramped, but when the other Scott offered to sleep in my van we had more than enough room. And in spite of my lack of (recent) camping experince I'm pretty good with a grill, and we also had a couple old boy scouts along. So our turkey burgers tuned out fine, and out fire burned long into the night. The fire especially turned out to be a godsend, because when we first arrived at the campground we were greeted by a car alarm, some overflying jets, and a neighbor who decided to use their headlights to illuminate their campsite. All of which combined to make us wonder why we hadn't simply stopped in a cheap motel. Yet by ten or eleven at night almost everyone else had gone to bed, and were left with the light and warmth of our fire and the sound of a nearby stream. Sitting up late at night around a fire in the woods passing a flask and joking with one another what could be a better male bonding experince than that? Alas in the morning John had to go back to Knoxville, and we had to get ready for the drive to Charlotte.

Our drive to Charlotte wasn't particularly long, but on it we did realize that we'd have to find a way to go from how we'd awoken that morning at the campsite (not pretty) to being presentable enough for my aunt and uncle's party. What this ultimatly meant was that Scott and I ended up brushing our teeth in a Burger King bathroom, and Mike changed cloths while we were driving. I think the result turned out just fine, but you can judge for yourself from the pictures. Any way lets explain the party. In short it is, as the invitation says, "Champagne, Croquet and covered dishes" so about two hundred or so of my aunt and uncle's closest friends, family and neighbors drop by, most bringing food. This means a big party with a large and dynamic buffet and thanks to the hosts a copious supply of champagne.


I know, I know what a nice setting for a party, but what happened? Well first off Tim and Mike took way to many pictures of each other with Matt's (that's Mike's roommate) digital camera. But that can be forgiven, most importantly I and my friends got to hang out with my cousins, a couple of aunts and uncles, several relatives I haven't seen in years and a whole bunch of other cool people. That's right my family is cool. I love all my family, but with my mother and father it is considerably harder to cut loose than with more distant and liberal relatives. So a few highlights then, making a beer run for my underage cousins, playing croquet with my aunt's sister, and finally watching her vomit all over herself and be carried out unconcious, oh, yeah.


After the party I was in no shape to drive, but fortunantly per my aunt and uncle's instructions Tim and Mike were graciously our DDs, and ferried us to Raliegh in comfort and saftey. By the time we'd gotten there all of us were thoroughly sober and ready for more. I have to say this trip to Raliegh was for me more than a mere social visit, because in spite of the fact that Tim has lived there for over four years I had not once made it to see him, so not only did I know nothing of Tim's home for the past four years, but I also hadn't ever met his girlfriend Katie. Now normally I wouldn't care too much about not meeting a girlfriend, but when my friend has been dating her for over two years, and they've lived together for a while it seems like I should have at least met her. So our tour through NCSU's campus and evening sitting in Mitch's chatting was more than welcome. Then on sunday we woke up and had a large relaxing bruch, followed by an afternoon drinking North Carolina wine and eating cheese. Eventually we realized that we had to drive six hours back to Knoxville and said farewell. I won't bore you with the drive back, but as I said before all in all it was quite a weekend.

Sorry that was so long, but I hope you enjoyed it.


Bloggedy, Blog, Blog, Blog

Since this is a new blog I thought I'd lead in with a brief explination of why its here, and what wonderous things you'll see on it in the future. First off I started this blog at my friend Mike's insistance. Now one might think that this means I rarely see Mike and as such he wanted to keep appraised of all my doings. However one would be wrong, the most facinating thing about this blog's creation is that the person who wanted me to post sees me more than practically anyone else. Just to clear up Mike and I aren't roommates or anything (the anything implies some sort of homosexual relationship), so I don't see him multiple times a day or anything, but I do see him several times a week, and even frequently sleep on his couch to avoid long late night drives. Still, I don't think it is that bad of an idea, if for no other reason than it gives me yet another outlet for my (as you'll see at times) bizarre rantings. And beyond even that it may well help my many other dear friends who I see so infequently stay involved in my life without the hassle of juggeling different schedules and time zones.

So here it is my inagural blog, much more to follow soon!