Sunday, April 03, 2005


So I should not smoke. Whilst you read this I'm sure you're thinking, but Scott you love cigars, true. Yet, what I'm referring to is the other kind of smoking, and I did that last night, from a gigantic blunt. Just so everyone knows this is the second time EVER that I have smoked. And it totally destroyed me, I passed out at eleven, Mike tried to carry me to the tent, but as I am much larger than him he was forced to drop me, apparently out of the side door, so as far as I know I fell from a step two or three feet above ground flat on my face without noticing. Also, this morning, my pants and shirt were on top of my tent (?). This isn't a very good blog, but just so you know, don't offer me weed.

'till later,

P.S. I got a job!


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