Friday, April 29, 2005

It's a good spot

"My dad was convinced there was a Japanese sniper on the roof next door." thatdoesn't actualy have anything to do with this blog, I'm just watching the Office at the moment, and not the shitty American rip off, any who what I was really writing about is the approaching graduation of some of my friends, this really is just getting back to the fact that I still in fact have no real plan in life. I certainly don't want to whine about it but nonetheless I am still a bit worried, as it seems like I could find some sort of direction by now. Any who what this is really getting to is that I finally feel that I am desperate enough that I have actually applied to go to China and teach ESL. I know it's hackeyened but I'm afraid it's come to this.

See you soon,

-The Scott


Blogger rebekah said...

hey, I found your blog through mike's and thought I'd not be an anonymous lurker since I like to know who reads my blog...

9:01 PM  

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