Thursday, April 07, 2005


So I was fired today. that is crap, first off because this was the worst place anyone could possibly work. I don't mind being fired, I in fact rather like it, because those fucker's shouldn't live. Well now you say, why exactly did they fire you? Well apparently I took my drug test, but not at exactly the right time. So any way, those bastard's don't have a conseption of privacy, and more importantly I was never told that I had an appointment, rather that I should do it sometime soon. So any who this is clearly not, even remotly, a well run organization, but more importantly it shows why I shouldn't try to degrade myself by working for an American, fuck them all.

Yeah I'm pissed on multiple levels, fuck it!



Blogger Michael said...

It was a fucking stupid position anyways. You know if they're still hiring?

1:05 AM  

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