Thursday, March 24, 2005

burger nights

So as all of the people who would ever read this page already know the Cumberland Grill has a special on their "gourmet" burgers on wednsday nights, which many of us usualy partake of. And as most of you would also know this week is the University of Tennessee's spring break. That means most of the people who'd be burger night regulars are gone. However I am proud to say that in spite of spring break we still managed an eight person party (this is around our normal number). Now I know this dosen't seem worth writing about, but as something else out of the ordinary happened that very night and I feel it worthy or mention. That something else was that for the first time (to my knowledge) Kenny joined us for the traditional "getting smashed at Mike's" after party. So Kenny was there you say what's so great about that? Well, I'll tell you, first off Kenny brought Negro Modelo (by far the best beer I've EVER seen him drink) and second he played the cello. That's right not only did we totally defy the pressures of spring break, but we also made Kenny not merely presentable, but perhaps even cultured. Here's to you Kenny, drink up!

"Short and sweet, that's very Japanese I like that"


P.S. The quote isn't from Scott (please don't sue me Sofia)
P.P.S The quote "getting smashed at Mike's" is mine


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